About us

Pars Pro Toto consists of a team of 12 experienced people with competencies that truly complement each other. Together, we make up a full-service design agency that specialises in the strategic management and implementation of innovation projects. We have developed innovative products, services, brands and environments for over 20 years.

Our full service means that you can contact us for a complete design process from concept to implementation or for any of the steps in between. We offer a very wide range of services that will meet your innovation objectives, thanks to our experienced strategic insight, creative design talent and excellent project management.

The guiding principle of our development approach is Design Thinking: problem-solving strategies that combine 3 crucial skills:

• Empathy in a wider customer context
• Creativity when generating new insights and solutions
• Rationality to analyse the feasibility of the proposed solutions

Pars Pro Toto makes companies, organisations and governments grow in various industries. Our design work brings about important changes for our customers. It strengthens their core business. The result is many years of cooperation with satisfied, internally stable clients.

What about your company?

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