Our cooperation with AB-InBev started more than 10 years ago and has resulted in several successful projects. It has always chosen the development and production of high-quality brand environments and brand products, which is exactly what Pars Pro Toto represents.


Stella Artois Brewery Visit

Stella Brand Experience

AB Inbev has a completely new multi-media visitors’ tour at its Stella Artois brewery in Leuven.
The result exceeds the original expectations by far and has meant huge professional progress in terms of content, atmosphere, interior and general brand experience. Stella Artois now proudly offers a very comprehensive, contemporary brewery visit with international appeal. Visitors are immersed in the world of beer brewing in a very well-considered way and they leave the company as Stella Artois fans.

Maison Leffe

Maison Leffe has become a truly multi-sensory experience centre, as it should be. It also has integrated social media applications that will strengthen the brand effect online. The visitors’ centre is located in Dinant, the birthplace of Leffe.
Pars Pro Toto created the full picture: the implementation of brand values and strategy, the content and design concept and the entire design all the way to production.

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