Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC) from Ghent has more than 100 years of experience in developing and producing engines and generators for maritime, railway and other power applications.
To effectively communicate this visually, ABC chose the expertise of Pars Pro Toto; we understand the story behind these technical and industrial products and provide design support to take both the brand and the products to the next level.

Branding of the engines

The industrial engines and generators are impressively large. Our design  makes this product more readable and visualizes its strengths even better. This ensures a consistent visual language across the entire range. Work in progress !

ABC Diesel


The rebranding exercise, on the occasion of the festive 100 years jubilee, shows that the company is completely up to date. History, tradition and craftsmanship are cast in a new, contemporary design. This appearance is a crucial asset for finding the right technical workforce for a company in full development. The rebranding includes almost all visual aspects; from logo over visual language to signaling and design of the visitor area.


To communicate efficiently during Port Day, a vibrant and very busy event, it is best to use simple, large and eye-catching visuals. Pars Pro Toto created striking alter egos for the different ABC engines: elephants symbolize the powerful engines for locomotives, whales for ships, rhinoceroses for cranes and polar bears for power stations. Each designed in a visual language that evokes technical ingenuity, strength and wonder. Successfully applied to temporary XL showrooms in the harbor, give-aways, information boards, and signage.

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