Bebat takes an innovative approach to collect, sort and recycle all batteries in Belgium.  Pars Pro Toto has worked with Bebat for many years to develop a wide range of product design and brand design projects. Our collaboration is long-term, process-based and content-focused.

Collection modules

Bebat manages a range of collection modules for various locations (points of sale, schools, government buildings and outdoor recycling centres). Pars Pro Toto has developed and produced all these units to collect as many used batteries as possible in a convenient, visible and efficient way. Our efforts resulted in an excellent implementation of the brand values and increased brand awareness.

Bebat Recupel inzamelunit retail


Bebat offers an attractive visitors’ tour at its site in Tienen to primary school pupils in their 3rd to 6th year. At VillaPila, visitors can learn everything there is to know about the world of batteries in a very entertaining and instructive way, free of charge. ParsProToto developed the entire tour from concept to implementation, including all communication and the website.
The inspiring brand environment has an impact on its visitors. Bebat is also frequently visited by companies who want to experience such an example of excellent corporate communication.

Bebat VillaPila visitor centre

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