Pars Pro Toto has been in bed with Dorsoo ever since the inception of its sleep system in 2000. Back then, Dorsoo was a start-up company with a brilliant idea. Now, the sleep retailer has grown considerably with 9 showrooms and 20,000 satisfied sleepers. We are still very closely involved in its product innovations and its improvements on a branding level.


The Dorsoo sleep revolution

The best bed against back pain is a Dorsoo bed. Its moving slats and especially developed mattress allow this dynamic bed to adapt continuously to the sleeper’s position. The bed actually follows the body rather than the other way round. It is a true revolution in the world of sleep.

Dorsoo Active+

Clear communication

The strengths and weaknesses of the brand communication were reported based on a customer journey analysis and a qualitative consumer survey.
The conclusions from this report were used to create new audiovisual materials. The strongest USP, which seemed technical and complex in the past, is now communicated in a simple and clear way.


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