With more than 180 shops in France, Générale de Téléphone is the market leader in the production and development of passport photos. Because this was not visually reflected at the points of sale, Pars Pro Toto was requested to give its photo studios and related products a clear and recognisable identity.



Passport photos for babies

A robust chair that disappears in the picture! That is what Générale de Téléphone requested from us and we delivered. This chair makes it possible to capture babies and small children perfectly in passport photos.
The design of the chair makes sure that the child’s head is in the ideal position for official passport photos. The chair’s transparent plastic material is not visible on the passport photo itself.

Photo booth retail

We developed a unit for professional photographers that combines all the necessary elements into one useful, simple, professional solution. No more hassle with reflective screens, personal adjustments, light settings, cabling that is in the way, …
A special baby chair was also developed for this system in order to make excellent passport photos of even younger babies with guaranteed efficiency.
An additional advantage is that the brand is now also a physical presence in store.

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