Pars Pro Toto very successfully implemented the full service aspect of its baseline for Hoppop. We designed all products and also handled all brand development. We created the name and designed the logo, catalogues, website, packaging and exhibition stand. Hoppop's baby product range is also truly beautiful to parents.

The first Hoppop product – a baby bag that transforms into a booster seat – was very well received by the press and public. We then developed a complete collection of baby products – with packaging, catalogue and exhibition stand – in 6 months.
In just a few years, the collection has become a mature brand with 4 product groups: Care, Play, Travel and Food. Pars Pro Toto designed and developed all products and brand tools from A to Z.
Thanks to the brand’s status, successful product portfolio and design awards, this start-up business was sold to Dorel Europe, a multinational manufacturer of baby products such as Maxi-Cosi, Bébé Confort, etc. after a few years.

We have also designed toys under the Hoppop brand.
Motta and Otto are two new incarnations of toy evergreens.
Pipla is a set of EVA jigsaw shapes that can be applied to surfaces such as the bath wall. Simplicity and infinite jigsaw combinations will result in lots of (jigsaw) fun.
The 3 nesting Triplo cups are great for hours of pouring in the bath.
We started from a simple design to provide a unique, cost-efficient solution that meets all standards perfectly.

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