Jabbla develops and manufactures devices that literally give people with speech conditions their voice back.

The small series that are typical of this sector challenge our engineering skills time and time again.

The production techniques are reassessed for each product based on the available budget and the planned retail price.

Jabbla vibe

The Jabbla Vibe is a communication tool for the growing group of mobile youngsters with a speech problem. Research into the user and his environment was central to the design of this tablet. The lightweight and practical size provide with an extremely portable and mobile communication tool. With an integrated screen on both the front and the back, it has become a unique device in supporting communication. The screen on the back ensures that bystanders can read along and anticipate the message that is being formed. This message is simultaneously restored to speech, thereby establishing natural communication. Communicating eye-to-eye with friends, family and carers becomes self-evident and effective.


The aim was also to find a tool that could compete with ordinary consumer products and thus remove the stigmatizing aspect. Naturally, there is also a camera built in, so that the Vibe user can also capture moments and share them with others. In addition to the user-friendly aspects, Jabbla also values ​​sustainability. The product has been developed so that it can last for years. With technical defects the possibility is provided to easily repair the Vibe. The "serviceability" was an important factor in the development, because the purchase value is high due to the small production volumes. The extra protective cover also plays an important role, as does the high-quality and scratch-free plastic used. 10% recycled material was always mixed in during the production of the parts. Defective parts can easily be replaced separately.
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