Pars Pro Toto worked with Quut to develop a brand and product range that will take you back to lovely, carefree summer holidays you spent at the beach as a child. Now you can continue the tradition by buying these inspiring, quality toys for your own offspring.

Pars Pro Toto conceived, designed, produced and marketed the Quut brand from A to Z. Quut toys are distributed to more than 40 countries and have already won several design awards. Meanwhile, the product range continues to expand further each year. The communication tools are developed for worldwide use.



Quut Cana


Most water and beach toys are not exactly solid, sustainable or creative.
ParsProToto feels that is absurd, so we make our designs completely different. They are playful, inspiring and cleverly designed. Quut encourages creative, fun play that ditches the screens. Its sturdy, timeless toys will last for generations.

Quut Cana

We reinvent the classics for Quut. We strive for better ergonomics, sustainable quality and iconic designs and we have received quite a few national and international design awards for our efforts. Each product has a surprise element that makes playing more fun: a window to see through your bath foam, sand moulds that fill themselves, a sand castle builder that conjures up perfect towers every time, ...

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