Product design

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Successful product innovation requires a lot more than just creativity or styling. Our multidisciplinary team develops new ideas to create innovative products that are truly valuable to the customers, users and company. Successful innovation is a complex process in which we distinguish the following success factors:

Clear strategic framing in advance.

A clear vision of the positioning / range / brand value / objective will ensure development that yields a sufficient return for the invested budget.

New insights thanks to in-depth analyses.

To stand out from the competition at the end of an innovation project, you need to have new insights at the start of the process. New technology, in-depth user knowledge or a unique perspective on the market will allow you to take the lead in the market.

A phased design process that is tailored to your needs.

Each company is unique and each requirement is a challenge on a different level.
We insist on creating a tailored development process together with our client.

A strong team offering excellent project management.

Pars Pro Toto has talented and experienced creative talent who will successfully integrate fresh ideas, new perspectives, challenging designs and ingenious solutions into the design process time and time again.

Hundreds of decisions are taken during development. A good project manager anticipates, plans, organises, tests and looks for any alternative ways to achieve the objective well in advance.

Collaboration and synergy between the client and the design agency.

Our clients have specific knowledge of their industry, unique technological/product expertise, insight into their customers and their needs and excellent knowledge of the production process. Sharing this crucial information is necessary to achieve success together. We also offer knowledge and expertise from other industries we operate in. This type of cross-pollination results in strategic innovation. That is exactly what you can expect when you decide to join forces with us. 

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Service design

Recent research has shown that 80% of companies believe they are giving their customers a ‘superior customer experience’. When the customers were asked for their opinion, only 8% agreed.

Brand design

You want to get in touch with your customers in various interactive ways so that they can truly feel, smell and experience your brand. You want them to have a memorable experience they want to share.
How succesful will your product innovation be?