Service design

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We all use dozens of services every day without realising it, if the services are well designed that is. Our service design helps organisations to create valuable experiences for their customers.

A stronger bond with your customer.

Any time customers come into contact with a brand, company or organisation, they have a certain experience. The sum of these experiences determines whether customers will return - and possibly recommend the organisation to someone else - or look elsewhere.

All about people.

Our projects are based on people: the user, the purchaser, the installer, the employee, ... We combine our empathy and various co-creative techniques to gain an understanding of the target group's needs and wishes.

Besides users, employees are also central to our approach. In order to achieve true innovation, we include their organisation knowledge and creativity in the entire process. Our experience has also taught us that this replaces any resistance against change with an eagerness for innovation. This is a great advantage, as the employees will be responsible for the quality of the new service.

Success? Check!

Our projects focus on user-tested concepts that are truly valuable to users. We deliver workable results that allow teams to take a great leap forward.

Cross-fertilisation across various industries.

Our service design approach can be applied to a wide variety of industries, including the healthcare sector, the banking world, the retail industry, tourism and the public sector. These experiences have given us in-depth insight into a wide range of target groups.

If your organisation is in need of a great leap forward, contact us.

Product design

Increasing competitive pressure forces companies to innovate more, improve their communication with their target group and define their market position more clearly.

Brand design

You want to get in touch with your customers in various interactive ways so that they can truly feel, smell and experience your brand. You want them to have a memorable experience they want to share.
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