De designs van Pars Pro Toto haalden al heel wat prijzen op. 8 Red Dot awards in 8 opeenvolgende jaren! Verschillende Henry Van de Velde awards en labels, het Ecodesign label van OVAM, Best WiFi IoT product, consumenten awards, en zelfs de prestigieuze DME (Design Management Europe) award... om er een paar op te noemen. Deze awards zijn de kers op de taart voor vele mooie samenwerkingstrajecten met onze klanten.


Quut, Cana

The Cana toy is a watering can with two separate, distinctively coloured outlets. From one of them, the water is sprayed through a shower opening; on the other side, a spout allows accurate watering. In this way, children have not only twice as much fun playing with the can either in the bath or the garden but also train their motoric skills.

Studio ID, BabySeat

This baby seat was developed to make high-quality passport photos of babies and toddlers in the shortest possible time. The Studio ID Baby Seat is stable and consists of three-dimensionally moulded foam and felt. A soft surface coating provides further comfort. The special feature of the seat is a headrest with a recess which allows the baby’s head to stay directed towards the camera. The height-adjustable and magnetically attached headrest also serves as a grey photographic background.

Statement by the jury

»The Studio ID Baby Seat convinces by its sophisticated functionality and is designed to provide babies with the highest degree of comfort when being photographed.«

Tattou, Pio

With its soft, spherical design the PIO baby phone inspires confidence. It can be connected to a smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi or emission-free via Ethernet and is controlled by using the associated app. Thanks to integrated hardware components such as a camera, microphone and loudspeaker, parents can hear, see and speak with their child or play him / her lullabies. By means of a projector, it is also possible to project a soothing image on the wall or ceiling of the nursery.

Statement by the jury

»PIO provides many functions and is still easy to control. It is designed to fit harmoniously in the nursery.«

Quut, Alto

The three-part Alto toy consists of stackable elements that allow kids to create layered sand constructions that will not crumble away in minutes. Simply fill, press and turn upside down – and multi-layered buildings begin to arise, from simple towers to complicated castles or an entire sand village. The simple click-and-stack design makes clean-up and transport a breeze.

Statement by the jury
"Alto helps children to build sand castles in an easy and playful way. The compact toy is just as easy and convenient to store and transport afterwards."

Quut, Scoppi

Scoppi is a toy suited for both sand and snow. It makes shoveling easy and can be pushed into the ground with ease, not only with the hands but, thanks to its ergonomic footrest, also with the feet. It comes with a detachable sand sifter that will help when building forts and castles. The simple and ergonomically designed Scoppi is of robust quality, very resilient and guarantees a high degree of safety. But first and foremost it is fun to play with.

Statement by the jury
"Scoppi features an appealing design that kids will love and is not only a practical tool for play but also provides pleasure."

Samsonite, Litesphere

With Litesphere, a long-established company introduces its lightest soft luggage series to date. Shields in certain areas of the suitcase make the models particularly abrasion-resistant. On the inside, the collection features butterfly cross straps for wrinkle-free packing and, on the exterior, lightweight and quiet rubber wheels, ergonomic handles and a combination TSA lock.

Statement by the jury
"This elegant collection has succeeded in meeting the requirements placed on durable suitcases along with the need for a very low suitcase weight."

Hoppop, Donut

Donut, the Hoppop potty, has an unusual and innovative design. The mid-section is removable, so that it is easy and quick to clean. The raised edge at the front and the potty’s solid footing ensure there are no little accidents. The combination of shiny mid-section and matt outer shell makes this potty a functional, yet attractive product.

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